Club Directors/Reps
If you are booking rooms on behalf of a club/team, DO NOT PROCEED. This can only be done by logging in as the Club Director. For questions please contact us.

"How the system works"
When you click on the Parent/Guest New Bookings button, you can log in or create a new account. You will then be able to browse the available hotels and choose the one that best suits your needs. Then click the Book Rooms button within that hotel box.
You will be asked:
  • If you are paying for the rooms with a single credit card, such as a club director getting rooms for their players/coaches and paying for it with a club credit card
  • Or if you are a parent just looking to book a room for themselves. Anyone booking with one credit card will be reviewed and sent to the hotel for processing ASAP
  • Or if you are paying for each room with separate credit cards. ( for example 10 rooms for parents ) This must be done by a club director! In this case the system will create access codes for each individual room
The club director will distribute these codes, one to each person that wants a room. Once you as a parent receive an access code you can click the Parent/Guest with Access Codes button and book your room with credit card and guest list.
These sub-blocks are given 21 days from when the codes are sent to the club director or until the hotel deadline to fill in all the rooms with rooming list and credit card information. At that point any unused rooms will be returned to inventory and those rooms that were picked up will be sent to the hotels for processing.
Since the hotel does not see these sub-blocks until the 21 days have expired, your name and confirmation number will not be on file at the hotel. Please do not call the hotels for any reason!! All cancellations, questions or changes need to be done directly through Vertex. We can be reached at 833-787-8361.

Access Code Tutorial
Room Booking Tutorial


About Str8Dn TMS

Why did we create a system like this? The answer is simple. We wanted to streamline the entire process of setting up and running events. As hosts of multiple yearly events ourselves, we got tired of relying on other companies for this and having to conform to their system and it's limitations. So we decided to build an extremely easy-to-use system that allows both event organizers and club/team directors to create and manage everything in one place including events, teams, rosters, hotels, registration and even payment!

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