Details for MLK Kickoff Classic (14's - 18's)
Event Information
Hosted By: Str8Dn Sports
Venue: Various (York and Lancaster PA)
Address: , PA
Starts: 1/19/2019 8:00am
Ends: 1/21/2019 5:00pm
Gender: Girls
Type: Mixed
Checks Payable to: Str8dn Sports Inc.
Payment Address: 413 Grant Drive York, PA 17406

Sport: Volleyball
Country: United States
Rosters Required: No
Rosters Due By: 1/18/2019 8:00am
Stay to Play: Yes (Vertex)    What's this?
PayPal Email:
Contact Email:
Website: Visit Event Website

NameTypeAgeGenderMax TeamsPrice/Team
14 OpenOpen14Girls20$635
14 NationalNational14Girls32$635
15 OpenOpen15Girls24$635
15 NationalNational15Girls40$635
15 AmericanAmerican15Girls40$635
16 OpenOpen16Girls32$635
16 NationalNational16Girls40$635
16 AmericanAmerican16Girls40$635
17 OpenOpen17Girls40$635
17 NationalNational17Girls40$635
18 OpenOpen18Girls24$635
18 NationalNational18Girls24$635
14 AmericanAmerican14Girls32$635

Accepted Teams: 291

Club NameTeam NameGenderDivisionTeam Code
MVSA VBCMVSA 13 CrushGirls14 NationalFJ3MVSAV2CH
MVSA VBCMVSA 13 FireGirls14 AmericanFJ3MVSAV3CH
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 14 National Blue Girls14 AmericanFJ4ASEVC3GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 14 National Red Girls14 NationalFJ4ASEVC2GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 14 Premier Girls14 OpenFJ4ASEVC1GE
Areyto Volleyball Academy Areyto Volleyball Academy 14sGirls14 NationalFJ4AVAB1CH
Asphalt GreenAsphalt Green 14UGirls14 AmericanFJ4GREEN1GE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 14 WhiteGirls14 OpenFJ4BALLY1KE
Baltimore Elite Volleyball ClubBEVBC 14 NavyGirls14 NationalFJ4BEVBC1CH
Bay Area Volleyball Academy (BAVA)BAVA 14 WavesGirls14 OpenFJ4BAVA1CH
Central Jersey Heat VBCCJ HEAT 14NGirls14 NationalFJ4JHEAT1GE
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 14 BlueGirls14 OpenFJ4CPAVC1KE
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 14 GreyGirls14 AmericanFJ4CPAVC2KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 14Girls14 OpenFJ4INTGR1KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 14 WhiteGirls14 AmericanFJ4INTGR2KE
Columbia Volleyball ClubColumbia Cardinals 14-2Girls14 AmericanFJ4COLUM2CH
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 14 Titanium Girls14 AmericanFJ4CORE12GE
Crosscourt Volleyball Club, Inc.CROSSCOURT 14 PURPLEGirls14 Openfj4CROSS1KE
Dynamix Volleyball Club,LLCDynamix 14sGirls14 AmericanFJ4DYNAM1AAU12
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 14-GoldGirls14 American FJ4EASTN1GE
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U14 BlueGirls14 Openfj4fuvbc1ke
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U14 WhiteGirls14 Nationalfj4fuvbc2ke
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 14 AspireGirls14 AmericanFJ4HIGHL1KE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 14 RenegadesGirls14 AmericanFJ4HIGHL2KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 14 BlackGirls14 NationalFJ4INFVA2KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 14 BlueGirls14 OpenFJ4INFVA1KE
Legacy Volleyball ClubLegacy 14 PremierGirls14 NationalFJ4LCVBC3GE
Maryland Exclusive Volleyball Club14U PrideGirls14 AmericanFJ4MDEXC2CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 14-1Girls14 AmericanFJ4MVAVC1CH
MB VolleyballMB U14Girls14 AmericanFJ4MBVBC1CH
momentum volleyball clubMomentum SurgeGirls14 AmericanFJ4MMTDE2CH
MVSA VBCMVSA 14 HeatGirls14 NationalFJ4MVSAV3CH
Nook Volleyball Academynva 14 BlackGirls14 NationalFJ4SPNOC1KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 14 GreenGirls14 AmericanFJ4SPNOC3KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 14 WhiteGirls14 NationalFJ4SPNOC2KE
Ocean County Volleyball ClubOcvbc 14 NationalGirls14 Nationalfj4ocean1ge
PAelite Volleyball AcademyPAelite 14 TitaniumGirls15 AmericanWY7A4E
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier TwistersGirls14 NationalFJ4PVBDE2CH
South River Volleyball Club (SRVC)SRVC Royals 14UGirls14 NationalFJ4SRVCA1CH
SPORTIME VBCSportime 14 BlackGirls14 AmericanFJ4SPTMC2GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 14 GoldGirls14 AmericanFJ4SPTMC1GE
Sun Setters Westside Volleyball Club14-1Girls14 AmericanFJ4SUNST1WE
Surge VolleyballSurge 14 BlackGirls14 NationalFJ4SURGE1KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 14 HurricaneGirls14 NationalFJ4SYNRG2KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 14 StormGirls14 AmericanFJ4SYNRG3KE
TNT VolleyballTNT 14 ACGirls14 AmericanN/A
TNT VolleyballTNT 14 DCGirls14 AmericanN/A
TNT VolleyballTNT 14 MetallicaGirls14 AmericanN/A
Virginia Top TeamVirginia Top Team 14 adidasGirls14 OpenFJ4VATOP1CH
West Shore YMCAWest Shore YMCA 14 TealGirls14 AmericanFJ4WSVBC1KE
Western Loudoun Volleyball ClubWLVBC U14 Croson DekkerGirls14 AmericanFJ4WLVBC1CH
yorktowneBarrie Elite 14Girls14 Americanfj4barrie1ca
Relentless 15 GoldGirls15 OpenFJ5RELET1KE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 15 National RedGirls15 NationalFJ5LEGRO1GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 15 National Blue Girls15 AmericanFJ5ASEVC3GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 15 National Red Girls15 NationalFJ5ASEVC2GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 15 Premier Girls15 OpenFJ5ASEVC1GE
Areyto Volleyball AcademyAreyto Volleyball Academy 15sGirls15 OpenFJ5AVAB1CH
Asphalt GreenAsphalt Green 15UGirls15 AmericanFJ5GREEN1GE
AVAAVA 15-ASHGirls15 AmericanFJ5AVCVB2KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 15 BlackGirls15 NationalFJ5BALLY2KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 15 WhiteGirls15 OpenFJ5BALLY1KE
Baltimore Elite Volleyball ClubBEVBC 15 NavyGirls15 NationalFJ5BEVBC1CH
Bay Area Volleyball Academy (BAVA)BAVA 15 BlazeGirls15 NationalFJ5BAVA1CH
Central Jersey Heat VBCCJ HEAT 15NGirls15 NationalFJ5JHEAT1GE
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 15 BlueGirls15 OpenFJ5CPAVC1KE
Columbia Volleyball ClubColumbia Typhoon 15-2Girls15 NationalFJ5COLUM2CH
Conquest Elite VolleyballConquest 15 BlackGirls15 AmericanCEVBC15
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 15 DiamondGirls15 AmericanFJ5CORE13GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 15 PlatinumGirls15 NationalFJ5CORE11GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 15 TitaniumGirls15 NationalFJ5CORE12GE
Crosscourt Volleyball Club, Inc.CROSSCOURT 15 BLACKGirls15 NationalFJ5CROSS2KE
Dynamix Volleyball Club,LLCDynamix 15sGirls15 AmericanFJ5DYNAM1AAU12
East Coast Crush VBCECC 15 North BlackGirls15 AmericanFJ5ECCVB1GE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 15 SouthGirls15 AmericanFJ5ECCVB2GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 15-GoldGirls15 American FJ5EASTN1GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 15-NavyGirls15 AmericanFJ5EASTN2GE
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U15 BlueGirls15 Openfj5fuvbc1ke
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U15 WhiteGirls15 Nationalfj5fuvbc2ke
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 15 NationalGirls15 AmericanFJ5GSEVT2GE
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 15 PremierGirls15 AmericanFJ5GSEVT1GE
Garden State Volleyball ClubGSA 15 Green Girls15 AmericanFJ5GSATT2GE
Garden State Volleyball ClubGSA 15 YellowGirls15 AmericanFJ5GSATT1GE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 15 AspireGirls15 AmericanFJ5HIGHL1KE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 15 RenegadesGirls15 AmericanFJ5HIGHL2KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 15 BlackGirls15 NationalFJ5INFVA2KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 15 BlueGirls15 OpenFJ5INFVA1KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 15 WhiteGirls15 AmericanFJ5INFVA3KE
Legacy Volleyball ClubLegacy 15s PremierGirls15 NationalFJ5LCVBC1GE
Lehigh Valley Force VolleyballLehigh Valley Force Volleyball Academy - 15u RedGirls15 OpenFJ5LVFOR1KE
LI HurricanesLI Hurricanes 15-2Girls15 AmericanFJ5HURIC2GE
Maryland Exclusive Volleyball Club15U CommittedGirls15 AmericanFJ5MDEXC2CH
Maryland Exclusive Volleyball Club15U PremiereGirls15 AmericanFJ5MDEXC1CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 15-1Girls15 AmericanFJ5MVAVC1CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 15-2Girls15 AmericanFJ5MVAVC2CH
MB VolleyballMB U15Girls15 American FJ5MBVBC1CH
momentum volleyball clubMomentum FuryGirls15 AmericanFJ5MMTDE1CH
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 15 Black Girls15 OpenFJ5SPNOC1KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 15 GreenGirls15 NationalFJ5SPNOC3KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 15 SilverGirls15 AmericanFJ5SPNOC4KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 15 WhiteGirls15 OpenFJ5SPNOC2KE
Northern Virginia Volleyball -NOVANOVA Comets 15EGirls15 NationalFJ5NOVAV1CH
Ocean County Volleyball ClubOcvbc 15 NationalGirls15 Nationalfj5ocean1ge
PAelite Volleyball AcademyPAelite 15 TungstenGirls15 AmericanWY7A4E
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 15-AbbeyGirls15 OpenFJ5PINVA2GE
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 15-LindaGirls15 OpenFJ5PINVA1GE
Platform VBCPlatform VBC - PVC 15'sGirls15 NationalFJ5PFVBC1CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier DIggerzGirls15 AmericanFJ5PVBDE4CH
South River Volleyball Club (SRVC)SRVC Surge 15UGirls15 NationalFJ5SRVCA1CH
SPORTIME VBCSportime 15 BlackGirls15 OpenFJ5SPTMC2GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 15 GoldGirls15 OpenFJ5SPTMC1GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 15 PurpleGirls15 AmericanFJ5SPTMC8GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 15 SilverGirls15 NationalFJ5SPTMC4GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 15 WhiteGirls15 NationalFJ5SPTMC3GE
Surge VolleyballSurge 15 GreenGirls15 AmericanFJ5SURGE4KE
SYA Volleyball ClubSYAVBC 15 BlueGirls15 AmericanFJ5SYAVB1CH
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 15 Gold Girls15 OpenFJ5SYNRG1KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 15 PotassiumGirls15 OpenFJ5SYNRG2KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 15 SiliconGirls15 OpenFJ5SYNRG4KE
Virginia Top TeamVirginia Top Team 15 adidasGirls15 OpenFJ5VATOP1CH
West Shore YMCAWest Shore YMCA 15 TealGirls15 AmericanFJ5WSVBC1KE
York YMCAYork YMCA 15 BlazeGirls15 AmericanFJ5YORKY1KE
York YMCAYork YMCA Blaze 15 BlackGirls15 AmericanFJ5YORKY2KE
Relentless 16 GoldGirls16 OpenFJ6RELET1KE
1969Unity Leviathans 16Girls16 OpenFJ6UNVBC1NE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 16 National BlackGirls16 NationalFJ6LEGRO2GE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 16 National RedGirls16 OpenFJ6LEGRO1GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 16 National Red Girls16 NationalFJ6ASEVC2GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 16 Premier Girls16 OpenFJ6ASEVC1GE
Areyto Volleyball Academy Areyto Volleyball Academy 16sGirls16 NationalFJ6AVAB1CH
Asphalt GreenAsphalt Green 16UGirls16 AmericanFJ6GREEN1GE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 16 BlackGirls16 OpenFJ6BALLY2KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 16 WhiteGirls16 OpenFJ6BALLY1KE
Baltimore Elite Volleyball ClubBEVBC 16 NavyGirls16 NationalFJ6BEVBC1CH
Bay Area Volleyball Academy (BAVA)BAVA 16 BreakersGirls16 OpenFJ6BAVA1CH
Central Jersey Heat VBCCJ HEAT 16NGirls16 NationalFJ6JHEAT1GE
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 16 BlueGirls16 OpenFJ6CPAVC1KE
Chambersburg Area Volleyball ExpressCAVE 16 BlueGirls16 AmericanFJ6CAVEM2KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 16Girls16 OpenFJ6INTGR1KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 16-2Girls16 AmericanFJ6INTGR2KE
Columbia Volleyball ClubColumbia Thunder 16-2Girls16 AmericanFJ6COLUM2CH
Conquest Elite VolleyballConquest 16 BlackGirls16 AmericanCEVBC16
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 16 DiamondGirls16 NationalFJ6CORE13GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 16 PlatinumGirls16 NationalFJ6CORE11GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 16 RubyGirls16 AmericanFJ6CORE14GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 16 TitaniumGirls16 NationalFJ6CORE12GE
Crosscourt Volleyball Club, Inc.CROSSCOURT 16Girls16 OpenFJ6CROSS1KE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 16 North BlackGirls16 NationalFJ6ECCVB1GE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 16 South BlackGirls16 AmericanFJ6ECCVB2GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 16-GoldGirls16 American FJ6EASTN1GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 16-NavyGirls16 American FJ6EASTN2GE
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U16 BlueGirls16 OpenFJ6FUVBC1KE
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U16 WhiteGirls16 Nationalfj6fuvbc2ke
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 16 National BlackGirls16 AmericanFJ6GSEVT2GE
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 16 National BlueGirls16 AmericanFJ6GSEVT3GE
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 16 PremierGirls16 AmericanFJ6GSEVT1GE
Garden State Volleyball ClubGSA 16 YellowGirls16 AmericanFJ6GSATT1GE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 16 AspireGirls16 AmericanFJ6HIGHL1KE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 16 RenegadesGirls16 AmericanFJ6HIGHL2KE
Horseshoe Volleyball ClubHorseshoe VBC 16-1Girls16 NationalFJ16HORSE1AAU
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 16 BlueGirls16 NationalFJ6INFVA1KE
Legacy Volleyball ClubLegacy 16s PremierGirls16 NationalFJ6LCVBC1GE
Lehigh Valley Force VolleyballLehigh Valley Force Volleyball Academy - 16u RedGirls16 OpenFJ6LVFOR1KE
Maryland Exclusive Volleyball Club16U UnitedGirls16 NationalFJ6MDEXC2CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 16-1Girls16 NationalFJ6MVAVC1CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 16-2Girls16 AmericanFJ6MVAVC2CH
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 16 BlackGirls16 OpenFJ6SPNOC1KE
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 16 WhiteGirls16 AmericanFJ6SPNOC2KE
PAelite Volleyball AcademyPAelite 16 RadiumGirls16 AmericanWY7A4E
Pine Bush Volleyball ClubPBVBC 16 BlueGirls16 NationalN/A
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 16-Kim BGirls16 OpenFJ6PINVA1GE
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 16-LarreyaGirls16 OpenFJ6PINVA1GE
Platform VBCPlatform VBC - PVC 16'sGirls16 NationalFJ6PFVBC1CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier CrushGirls16 NationalFJ6PVBDE2CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier PistolsGirls17 NationalFJ6PVBDE3CH
Rival Volleyball ClubRival 16 BlackGirls16 NationalFJ6Rival1GE
Rival Volleyball ClubRival 16 TealGirls16 NationalFJ6Rival2GE
Silver Hammers VBCSilver Hammers VBC 16Girls16 AmericanFJ6SILVR1GE
South River Volleyball Club (SRVC)SRVC Waves 16UGirls16 OpenFJ6SRVCA1CH
SPORTIME VBCSportime 16 BlackGirls16 OpenFJ6SPTMC2GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 16 GoldGirls16 OpenFJ6SPTMC1GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 16 SilverGirls16 NationalFJ6SPTMC4GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 16 WhiteGirls16 NationalFJ6SPTMC3GE
Sun Setters Westside Volleyball Club16-1Girls16 AmericanFJ6SUNST1WE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 16 HeliumGirls16 AmericanFJ6SYNRG5KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 16 HydrogenGirls16 AmericanFJ6SYNRG4KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 16 LithiumGirls16 OpenFJ6SYNRG2KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 16 PlutoniumGirls16 OpenFJ6SYNRG1KE
Topp Tier VolleyballTopp Tier Volleyball 16UGirls16 AmericanFJ6TOPPT1CH
Virginia Top TeamVirginia Top Team 16 adidasGirls16 OpenFJ6VATOP1CH
West Shore YMCAWest Shore YMCA 16 TealGirls16 AmericanFJ6WSVBC1KE
X-Factor VolleyballX-Factor 16UGirls16 AmericanFJ6XFACT1KE
1969Unity Calins 17 Girls17 OpenFJ7UNVBC3NE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 17 EastGirls17 NationalFJ7LEGRO5GE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 17 National BlackGirls17 NationalFJ7LEGRO2GE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 17 National RedGirls17 OpenFJ7LEGRO1GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 17 National Red Girls17 NationalFJ7ASEVC2GE
AllStar Empire VBCASEVC 17 Premier Girls17 OpenFJ7ASEVC1GE
Asphalt GreenAsphalt Green 17UGirls17 NationalFJ7GREEN1GE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 17 BlackGirls17 OpenFJ7BALLY2KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 17 TealGirls17 NationalFJ7BALLY3KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 17 WhiteGirls17 OpenFJ7BALLY1KE
Baltimore Elite Volleyball ClubBEVBC 17 NavyGirls17 NationalCH1455787FR19
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 17 BlueGirls17 OpenFJ7CPAVC1KE
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 17 GreyGirls17 OpenFJ7CPAVC2KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 17UGirls17 OpenFJ7INTGR1KE
Conquest Elite VolleyballConquest 17 BlackGirls17 NationalCEVBC17
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 17 PlatinumGirls17 NationalFJ7CORE11GE
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 17 TitaniumGirls17 NationalFJ7CORE12GE
Crosscourt Volleyball Club, Inc.CROSSCOURT 17Girls17 OpenFJ7CROSS1KE
CVVC17 DiamondbacksGirls17 NationalFJ7CVVBC1CH
East Coast Crush VBCECC 17 North BlackGirls17 OpenFJ7ECCVB1GE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 17 North CoralGirls17 NationalFJ7ECCVB3GE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 17 SouthGirls17 NationalFJ7ECCVB2GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 17-GoldGirls17 National FJ7EASTN1GE
Eastside Ice VBCEastside Ice StormGirls17 National1
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U17 BlueGirls17 Openfj7fuvbc1ke
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U17 WhiteGirls17 NationalFJ7fuvbc2ke
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 17 NationalGirls17 NationalFJ7GSEVT2GE
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 17 PremierGirls17 NationalFJ7GSEVT1GE
Garden State Volleyball ClubGSA 17 YellowGirls17 NationalFJ7GSATT1GE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 17 AspireGirls17 NationalFJ7HIGHL1KE
Infinity Volleyball AcademyInfinity 17 BlueGirls17 OpenFJ7INFVA1KE
Legacy Volleyball ClubLegacy 17s PremierGirls17 NationalFJ7LCVBC1GE
Maryland Exclusive Volleyball Club17U PrevailGirls17 NationalFJ7MDEXC1CH
Masters Volleyball AcademyMVA 17-1Girls17 NationalFJ7MVAVC1CH
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 17 Black Girls17 OpenFJ7SPNOC1KE
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 17-ChristianGirls17 OpenFJ7PINVA2GE
Pinnacle Volleyball Academy NYPVA 17-RobGirls17 OpenFJ7PINVA1GE
pinnaclevba@gmail.comPinnacle 17 BlueGirls17 NationalN/A
Pitt United Girls Volleyball ClubPitt United 17 RedGirls17 NationalFJ7PUGVC1KE
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier PhoenixGirls17 NationalFJ7PVBDE2CH
Prevail VBCPrevail 17U PinkGirls17 NationalFJ7VAILV1KE
Queens Elite Volleyball ClubQueens Elite Vb 17-1Girls17 NationalFJ7QELTE1GE
Rival Volleyball ClubRival 17 BlackGirls17 NationalFJ7Rival1GE
South River Volleyball Club (SRVC)SRVC Seagulls 17UGirls17 OpenFJ7SRVCA1CH
SPORTIME VBCSportime 17 BlackGirls17 OpenFJ7SPTMC2GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 17 GoldGirls17 OpenFJ7SPTMC1GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 17 WhiteGirls17 NationalFJ7SPTMC3GE
Topp Tier VolleyballTopp Tier Volleyball 17UGirls17 OpenFJ7TOPPT1CH
York YMCAYork YMCA 17 FlamesGirls17 NationalFJ7YORKY1KE
yorktowneREVA 17UGirls17 Openfj7revab1pr
Relentless 18 GoldGirls18 OpenFJ8RELET1KE
1969Unity 18 Banshees Girls18 OpenFJ8UNVBC2NE
1969Unity 18 CelticsGirls18 OpenFJ8UNVBC1NE
Allegro Volleyball ClubAllegro 18 National Girls18 NationalFJ8LEGRO1GE
Areyto Volleyball Academy Areyto Volleyball Academy 18sGirls18 NationalFJ8AVAB1CH
Asphalt GreenAsphalt Green 18UGirls18 OpenFJ8GREEN1GE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 18 BlackGirls18 NationalFJ8BALLY2KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 18 TealGirls18 NationalFJ8BALLY3KE
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 18 WhiteGirls18 OpenFJ8BALLY1KE
Baltimore Elite Volleyball ClubBEVBC 18 NavyGirls18 OpenFJ8BEVBC1CH
Bay Area Volleyball Academy (BAVA)BAVA 18 LightningGirls18 NationalFJ8BAVAJ1CH
Central Pennsylvania Volleyball ClubCPVBC 18 BlueGirls18 OpenFJ8CPAVC1KE
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 18 WhiteGirls18 NationalFJ8INTGR2KE
Conquest Elite VolleyballConquest 18 BlackGirls18 NationalCEVBC18
CORE VolleyballCORE NJ 18 PlatinumGirls18 NationalFJ8CORE11GE
Crosscourt Volleyball Club, Inc.CROSSCOURT 18Girls18 OpenFJ8CROSS1KE
East Coast Crush VBCECC 18 SouthGirls18 OpenFJ8ECCVB2GE
Eastern Volleyball AcademyEVA 18-GoldGirls18 National FJ8EASTN1GE
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U18 BlueGirls18 OpenFJ8FUVBC1KE
Garden State Elite Volleyball ClubGSEVC 18 PremierGirls18 NationalFJ8GSEVT2GE
Garden State Volleyball ClubGSA 18 BlackGirls18 NationalFJ8GSATT1GE
HighLine VolleyballHighLine 18 RenegadesGirls18 NationalFJ8HIGHL2KE
momentum volleyball clubMomentum ClashGirls18 NationalFJ8MMTDE1CH
Nook Volleyball AcademyNVA 18 BlackGirls18 OpenFJ8SPNOC1KE
Ocean County Volleyball ClubOcvbc 18 NationalGirls18 Nationalfj8ocean1ge
PAelite Volleyball AcademyPAelite 18 KryptonGirls18 NationalWY7A4E
Platform VBCPlatform VBC - PVC 18'sGirls18 NationalFJ8PFVBC1CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier FireGirls18 NationalFJ8PVBDE3CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier PeakGirls18 NationalFJ8PVBDE2CH
Rival Volleyball ClubRival 18 BlackGirls18 NationalFJ8Rival1GE
SPORTIME VBCSportime 18 GoldGirls18 OpenFJ8SPTMC1GE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 18 Kryptonite Girls18 NationalFJ8SYNRG1KE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 18 XenonGirls18 NationalFJ8SYNRG2KE
Virginia Top TeamVirginia Top Team 18 adidasGirls18 OpenFJ8VATOP1CH
West Shore YMCAWest Shore YMCA 18 TealGirls18 NationalFJ8WSVBC1KE
yorktowneREVA 18UGirls18 Openfj8revab1pr

Pending Teams: 1

Club NameTeam NameGenderDivisionTeam Code
Brooklyn Elite Volleyball17 High RiseGirls17 NationalFJ7BEVNY2GE

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