Details for JVA Spring Fling
Event Information
Hosted By: Str8Dn Sports
Venue: Spooky Nook Sports
Address: 2913 Spooky Nook Road Manheim, PA 17545
Starts: 4/16/2016 8:00am
Ends: 4/17/2016 5:00pm
Gender: Girls
Type: Open
Checks Payable to: Str8Dn Sports
Payment Address: 923 Richmond Rd Windsor, PA 17366

Sport: Volleyball
Region: N/A
Country: USA
Affiliation: JVA
Rosters Required: Yes
Rosters Due By: N/A
Stay to Play: Yes (Vertex)    What's this?
PayPal Email:
Contact Email:
Website: Visit Event Website

NameTypeAgeGenderMax TeamsPrice/Team
Girls 18 Openopen18Girls24$0
Girls 17 Open Open17Girls24$0
Girls 16 Open Open16Girls24$0
Girls 13 Open Open 13Girls18$0
Girls 15 OpenOpen15Girls24$0
Girls 14 open Open14Girls24$0

Accepted Teams: 35

Club NameTeam NameGenderDivisionTeam Code
NYC Juniors NYC Juniors 11 NationalGirlsFJ4NYCJR2GE
Columbia Volleyball ClubColumbia Eagles 13-1Girlsfj3colum1ch
AVAAVA 14-PLATINUM RoxGirlsfj4avcvb1ke
Club DelawareClub Delaware 14Girlsfj4cdevb1ch
NYC Juniors NYC Juniors 14 BlueGirlsFJ4NYCJR2GE
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier BadgersGirlsFJ4PVBDE2CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier EDGE 14 GirlsFJ4PVBDE1CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier Notorious D.I.G GirlsFJ4PVBDE4CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier PulseGirlsFJ4PVBDE5CH
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 15-1Girlsfj5intgr1ke
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U15 WhiteGirlsfj5fuvbc2ke
AVAAreyto Volleyball Academy 16sGirlsFJ6AVAVB1CH
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrity 16-1Girlsfj6intgr1ke
CT Juniors VolleyballCT Juniors 16Girlsfj6cjjvb1ne
FCA Maryland VolleyballFearless (Deut. 31:6)GirlsFJ6FCAMDBCH
Fusion VBCFusion VBC U16 WhiteGirlsfj6fuvbc2ke
Fusion vbc Shillington PAShillington Fusion VbcGirlsWWB5BE
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 16 PlutoniumGirlsfj6synrg1ke
YORKTOWNEYorktowne 16 Open BlueGirlsfj6yorkt1ke
AVAAVA 17-OBSIDIAN RoxGirlsfj7avcvb2ke
AVAAVA 17-ONYX RoxGirlsfj7avcvb1ke
Club Integrity VolleyballClub Integrirty 17-1Girlsfj7intgr1ke
CT Juniors VolleyballCT Juniors 17Girlsfj7cjjvb1ne
Synergy VolleyballSynergy 17UraniumGirlsfj7synrg1ke
TVCTVC 17 blackGirlsfj7trojn1ke
Chesapeake Elite Volleyball AcademyCEVA 18 BLACKGirlsFJ8CEVBA1CH
Metro Volleyball Club of Washington DCMetro 18 CentralGirlsFJ8METRO4CH
Metro Volleyball Club of Washington DCMetro 18 NorthGirlsFJ8METRO2CH
Metro Volleyball Club of Washington DCMetro 18 SouthGirlsFJ8METRO3CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePremier EDGE 18GirlsFJ8PVBDE1CH
Premier Volleyball of DelawarePVBDE 18 BlackGirlsFJ8PVBDE2CH

Pending Teams: 10

Club NameTeam NameGenderDivisionTeam Code
Apple Valley Volleyball ClubApple Valley VBC 14 PinkGirlsfj4appleach
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 15 BlackGirlsWYW847
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 16 BlackGirlsfj6bally2ke
Ballyhoo Volleyball ClubBallyhoo 16 WhiteGirlsfj6bally1ke
Paradigm Volleyball Paradigm RumbleGirlsFj6parad2we
J-Stroke VBCJ-Stroke 17's JuiceGirlsfj7stro1ke
Apple Valley Volleyball ClubApple Valley VBC 18 PinkGirlsFJ8apple1ch
J-Stroke VBCJ-Stroke 18's JetsGirlsfj8stro1ke
Lake Effect Smash Volleyball ClubLake Effect Smash U18Girlslesvbc

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